Thank you for visiting Sailor Librarian! I review manga, comics, manhwa, web comics, and novels from discount stores. Everyone could use a little variety in their reading lists, so I started this blog to encourage readers to look to different media from the usual English novel as more than a side option and to provide easily accessable information about unfamiliar manga/manhwa/anime series to those who are new to the scene or interested in learning more.

For newcomers, manga is an intimidating crossover of new genres, translations from another language, a wide and diverse fan culture, and a huge selection of series. It can be hard to find series that pique your interests based on English novel genres, and even harder to find reliable reviews when the summary of a series is not enough. Sailor Librarian exists as a way to offer reviews of manga to interested readers in an easily accessible format.

For the review categories: my reviews are organized by media or place of purchase. The main headings are Novels, Comics, Manga and Manhwa. Manga and Manhwa, while being connected under the same general category of Asian comic-style visual literature, are kept separate to preserve the cultural identity that each series has: manga is Japanese, manhwa is Korean. Comics, indie comics, and web comics are likewise separated due to the media differences possible between them; web comics can incorporate videos, music, animation, and online game play in ways impossible for traditionally printed comics.

Under the Novels section there is a further division – Published, Self Published, Dollar Store and Thriftstore Finds. I believe that the history behind each book is important, and having these distinctions allows for readers to know where the book can be found – if it is currently in print or cheap to buy.

There is also a tag cloud, which can be used to access all review with a certain tag – a genre, country, topic, or author. Each review is tagged by both media and genre, so whatever literature you are in the mood for can be easily accessed in one place.

Sailor Librarian was founded to encourage readers to broaden their horizons and give foreign and new media works a place on their shelves.