The Ring

Barnett, Janet, and Randy Russell. The Granny Curse And Other Ghosts And Legends From East Tennessee. Winston-Salem, NC: J.F. Blair, 1999. Blake, Linnie. “Nihonjinron, Women, Horror: Post-war National Identity and the Spirit of Subaltern Vengeance in Ringu and The Ring.” In The Wounds of Nations: Horror Cinema, Historical Trauma and National Identity, 44-68. Manchester University Press, 2008. Bräunlein, Peter J. “Spirits in and of Southeast … Continue reading The Ring

The Autograph Man

By Zadie Smith This book went beyond bittersweet; it felt intently personal and very human. Every dilemma and desperate search for answers is laid out clearly for the reader by the transparent protagonist, Alex-Li Tandem, in such exquisite, yet simplistic detail. This book was very much a coming of age story about someone who was too scared to search too deeply into himself when he was … Continue reading The Autograph Man


By Kouta Hirano Much like how Tolkien’s Ents were spawned from Great Birnam Wood’s failure to actually come to life in order to defeat Macbeth, Hellsing arose from the cursed ashes of Dracula’s death. Hellsing creates an alternate ending for Dracula in which Abraham Van Helsing uses his knowledge of monster hunting and the powerful tomes he has captured from witches over the years to … Continue reading Hellsing

Revolutionary Girl Utena

By Chiho Saito There is something both epically heroic and tragically Shakespearian about this series. A valorous knight fighting to save a trapped princess is a tale as old as time, and modernizations of such a familiar plot are abundant, especially as romances. Utena is one such series. It features a helpless princess trapped in poor circumstances and kept under guard by a band of … Continue reading Revolutionary Girl Utena

A Note on Genres – Horror

I love horror; I enjoy every flavor of it – psychological horror, body horror, poetic horror, surreality, everything. Naturally, the reviews here will mainly be horror series, though I have a very eclectic taste beyond one genre. Any novel, manga, manhwa, and comic that I have found and enjoyed – or disliked – will be featured, regardless of genre. All applicable genres will be tagged, … Continue reading A Note on Genres – Horror


Literature from a foreign country will have new themes, different syntaxes, new ways of viewing both literature and the world, and therefore will also have different classification systems for their literature. English literature uses the following genres: fiction, comedy, drama, horror, tragedy, non fiction, sci fi, fantasy, romance, crime, historical, thriller, adventure, erotic, and suspense. There are many others as well as subdivisions; however, these … Continue reading Genres

Horror Review Sites

Horror writers need reviews. Review sites give us those reviews and we share them. In this world of social media madness, both the authors and the reviewers could use all the help we can get. How you ask? Share, re-tweet, tell a friend. Every share helps. And every share is appreciated. Obviously, the reviewed author […] via SHARE THE HORROR. LET’S TALK REVIEW SITES. — Glenn … Continue reading Horror Review Sites

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

By Jhonen Vasquez Vasquez has produced such familiar works as Invader Zim and Stanley; outside of animation he also has several comic series. The longest series and probably his most known work is Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. The title is not a misnomer. It is about a homicidal maniac named Johnny – Nny for short – who murders his neighbors and various townspeople in increasingly … Continue reading Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Sailor Moon – Original Anime

By Naoko Takeuchi My first experience with Sailor Moon was when I was a toddler; I vividly remember watching the series and having a Sailor Moon themed birthday one year. Mercury was my favorite, and at 21 years old and rewatching the series, she still is. Jupiter is coming up close, now. There are three facets to the Sailor Moon series; the manga, the first … Continue reading Sailor Moon – Original Anime