A Note on Genres – Horror

I love horror; I enjoy every flavor of it – psychological horror, body horror, poetic horror, surreality, everything. Naturally, the reviews here will mainly be horror series, though I have a very eclectic taste beyond one genre. Any novel, manga, manhwa, and comic that I have found and enjoyed – or disliked – will be featured, regardless of genre. All applicable genres will be tagged, both for easy access and easy avoidance.

Genre Categories lists and explicates the genre classifications and tags that I will be using.

I also want to find other horror reviewers, both manga/anime, novel, comic, and film. If I find any, I will share their work here and tag it as “horror reviews” so if anyone else is interested they can follow them as well.


One thought on “A Note on Genres – Horror

  1. A girl after my own heart!
    Our genre descriptions are practically interchangeable, too – with the exception of the manga/anime.
    ” I love all flavors of HORROR, but I’m not bound by genre. If something interests me… try to stop me!”
    I’m reading a lot of extreme indie horror lately – hopefully we’ll both find something new by stalking each other’s blogs.

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