By Niel Gaiman

Gaiman is a familiar author from such popular titles as The Graveyard Book, Coraline,
American Gods, and Good Omens. Gaiman kneaded in the horror, fantasy, and humor of his written works, rolled it in a crust of stars and baked it in a mythological oven for a millennia to produce The Sandman.

The embodiment of Dreams is the protagonist, along with his sister Death and their various siblings, including Desire and Delirium. Over the course of 75 original issues followed by a multitude of adaptations, side stories, and sequels, Dream of the Endless takes the reader on a fantastic tour through reality, dreams, and the realms that exist between.

The art work, with Dave Mckean designing the iconic covers, was created by Jill Thompson, Mike Dringenberg, Shawn McManus, Marc Hempel, Sam Kieth and Michael Zulli, and typeset by Todd Klein. Each artist’s unique style and individual contributions is what really make this comic for me. Each page is a unique work of art, making any given volume an art book as well as a comic issue. Sometimes it is ugly, like the truths that are uncovered, or the actions taken by heroes and villains alike. Sometimes it is outright gorgeous and lavishly decorated with all manner of surprising objects and techniques.

The plot twists and turns around Dream just as the panel edges sometimes do; there is an arc that will be interesting or amazing to every reader somewhere in the series. The series is still ongoing, with plenty of cheaper back issues to go through while you wait.









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