Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism in America

Melton, J. Gordon. Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism in America: a Bibliography. Vol. 1. Garland Publishing, INC: New York, 1982.

This 212 page book is an incredibly concise and thorough resource for its title subjects. Having been published in 1982, its more than a little outdated, but if general historical eras or certain dates are what’s needed, this book delivers. It covers an eclectic selection ranging from Bruja to Neo-pagan and gives a dated list of published magazines focused on each subject, as well as their printing runs.

Melton is incredibly respectful of the topic, having spent ten years researching Witchcraft through immersive studies, interviews, and direct interactions with pagans and witches. He was a minister of the United Methodist Church and remain Christian, but hoped to use his well documented research to provide modern and historical witches with resources for themselves, as well inform the non pagan scholarship community of the facts of witchcraft, rather than the myths.


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