The Ring Companion

Meikle, Denis. The Ring Companion. Titan Books, 2005.
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While this a definitive resource on the facts surrounding the various Ring films – of which many are included and examined in this book – the author’s tone is remarkably pretentious. He introduces his research by stating that his book is only meant for an American audience though it includes foreign films, and as such that audience must be catered to by inverting the Japanese names to match Western naming conventions.
This alone gives a hint as to the unprofessionalism and ethnocentrism present in the text. However, he also went on to blame Japanese women for the creation of jilted female spirits that kill other women by citing a single source: Murasaki Shikibo’s Tale of Genji, rather than exploring the misogyny behind such persistent folklore or actually researching it at all.
Regardless, if a guide to the Ring films is needed, this is an acceptable starting point.

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