By Andrew Hussie

While the internet fanbase has become something of legend, the series itself transcends this stigma. As a literature major and analysis nerd, this series interests me as an amalgamation of allusions, homages, mythological retellings, and an odd amount of psychoanalysis, all to be noticed casually or examined in detail.

At over 8, 124 pages of content, including text, graphics, videos, and gameplay, the comic promises unending entertainment and nonstop narrative draw. Astonishingly, it delivers. It is slow to start up, as the new reader becomes used to the unusual second person narration and RPG based interactive flow, but once the crux of the plot hits it gets interesting. Each character is a unique combination of a color, personal interest, number, zodiac sign, animal, and philosophy; so there is an inordinate chance of a certain character resonating with any given reader perfectly.

The plot is very long running and long term focused; it really does span the entire page length. Things get confusing quickly, what with the character POV switches, – between 30+ characters, no less – the chapter names devolving from Act 1, Page 1 to Act 6, Act 6, Page 5, Intermission, and the narrative backtracking that various modes of time travel or future prediction facilitate.

Homestuck has been called a modern epic for good reason. If the length does not deter you, it is more than worth suffering through to experience the full story. If an act or section does not appeal to you, feel free to skip it.



One thought on “Homestuck

  1. I was on board until you said that you could skip acts if they weren’t interesting, though this is definitely true once you reach the second half of the narrative (I couldn’t care less about the Dancestors or the millions of love/hate triangles) I’d say that the first few acts should not be skipped since they explain a lot of the functions of the narrative and set the tone for the story, something that is lost if a reader immediately skips to the Trolls for instance


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