Fishing Ball, usually just called Tsuritama, is a beautifully animated slice of life series that follows the adventures of a young boy with social anxiety and chronicles him learning to fish.

It sounds simple and slightly boring on the surface, but the visual presentation of the main character being overwhelmed in social situations by drowning while no one notices is an incredible enough detail for the series to be worth watching. It only gets better as time goes on, and in true anime fashion, events quickly become stranger and stranger until nothing is recognizable for what it is.

From aliens to fish, to international duck themed organizations and ancient prophesies, this series keeps its audience enthralled from start to finish. Nothing appears to be connected at first, but the ending wraps everything together neatly.

Tsuritama is primarily a feel good anime; the slice of life genre keeps the tone optimistic and lighthearted all the through, and the protagonist and his friends  coming of age over the course of a summer and learning to find their places in the world lend the series a nostalgic vibe. Family is a central theme, as is learning to find your place in the world where you live, and who you live with.

It starts off slowly, but picks up incrementally in a way that really lends itself to binge watching. It feels more like a summer time movie than a series, and is pleasantly memorable in the best ways. You will also learn how to fish.


































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