Trout Fishing in America

By Richard Brautigan

A review on the back of this book used the term “mayonnaise” to describe Trout Fishing in America – and they were exactly right. Reading it was like eating a sandwich with an odd amount of mayo. Sometimes there was too little and it felt dry, sometimes too much and it felt creepy to eat, sometimes there was the perfect amount and it couldn’t be better.

No matter what else was on the sandwich – hint, it’s usually trout – the mayo was the prime ingredient.

Usually, the mayo was the trout.

This is not a book about fishing. It is about Trout Fishing in America, as a character, an object, a metaphor, or a life lesson. Sometimes all of these at once.

It’s a collection of short stories that build together to give the reader a complete picture of Trout Fishing in America and what it means to the author.

Whether it can be understood or found to be palatable is up to the mayo preferences of the reader.


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