Killing Stalking

By Koogi

If you’re looking for a complex survival horror mired with morally gray and downright twisted characters that keeps up an engaging plot, this is the manhwa for you.

Killing Stalking follows a stalker after he breaks into the home of his current obsession – and accidentally discovers that the boy he thought was kind and crushworthy is actually a murderer with a penchant for torture.

And in the house.

From there, the plot follows a locked-in survival horror with the captive – yet still desperately captivated – stalker and the murderer he now lives with both trying to outsmart and ultimately control each other. While the main “relationship” in the series is gay, it is an abusive relationship that is portrayed as such because of the abusive actions that build it.

Koogi is unrepentant in showing all the torture and gore in graphic detail, as well as the mental violence that piles up. Nothing is hidden or romanticized – Killing Stalking is an alarmingly realistic portrait of captive circumstances. Multiple forms of abuse and torture are laid out in full color, ranging from psychological warfare, to sexual abuse and rape, to outright graphic murder.

This series is published as a webtoon with each chapter available for purchase as they are released. There are many illegal sites where it has been copied and can  be read for free, but if you enjoy the series please support the author.


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