Sadistic Beauty

By Woo Yunhee

To be frank, this is a femdom BDSM porn comic. With plot and interesting characters.

The romantic relationships that slowly build up around the beautiful, accidentally seductive, Noona all have their own unique chemistry… and BDSM theme. If you can’t choose between wanting to read about a cute, blossoming relationship between a submissive boy and an older woman where everything is safe, sane, and enthusiastically consensual, or a rape fantasy where a raging misogynist who has been tormenting a young woman for years is sexually humiliated while she enjoys herself immensely, then look no further than Sadistic Beauty. An equally submissive, yet much cheekier, female love interest has appeared as well.

Though the sex scenes are obviously the centerfold of the series, the plot holds its own. Character relationships are interesting and the driving force of the romance based plot. The sex does not exist in a vacuum, but influences and effects the dynamics of the affected characters and their relationships with others, as well. It remains engaging between sexual encounters and sets up for further development between characters and on an individual basis.


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