RE Cutie Honey

If you’re fond of Kill la Kill, or just enjoy fast paced, unique magical girl anime, RE Cutie Honey is the series for you – as long as you like boobs.


Clocking in at only three episodes of 40 minute long jiggle physics expositions, RE Cutie Honey probably broke as many records as it did spines. Seriously, no matter what amount of breasts you’re envisioning as possible in a 40 minute time period, you’re wrong. Eechi is as varied in its genres as it is in viewers.

Anyway, the plot is great. It really is – there’s something so distinctly 1970’s in this series that gives it an incredibly fun vibe. The iconic original opening song was remade, and the style was also kept the same. What changed – beyond nipples no longer being censored – is the way the series handles the characters.

Natsuki finally catches a break – and lands herself an android girlfriend – after almost three decades of being shunted off to the sidelines.


Going completely against the grain of the original Cutie Honey, lesbian(ish) characters are treated nicely in the narrative. Saving your girlfriend through the power of love is so often reserved for the male shounen protagonist – as is going in guns blazing through a literal bullet hail and coming out unscathed.

RE feels like a rehash of every action film ever made, distilled into a potent alcohol that was mixed with the dubiously-edible glitter of magical girl. It’s played so straight that it just works.

There are quite a few scenes and themes that may feel familiar to some viewers: Hiroyuki Imaishi, who helped found Studio Trigger, where he would later direct Kill la Kill, directed the first episode of RE Cutie Honey. His distinctive style is easily recognizable in any work he does.


RE carries the same frenetic weight as KLK; the incredibly quick paced action; the obnoxious, if anatomically correct, jiggle physics; the bright, visually interesting fight scenes; Honey’s dead-father-revenge backstory…

Well. RE very much feels like a prototypical kind of work in comparison with KLK.

Whether you’re up for breasts around every corner or not, RE Cutie Honey is honestly still worth the watch – so much happens in such a short time that it’s an easy binge, albeit one that leaves a hell of an impression.


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