I am currently a literature major, and I plan to follow up my undergrad studies with a graduate degree in library science with a concentration in archives and preservation, as well as digital collections. But mostly, I adore horror manga and magical girls.

Sailor Librarian was founded as a way for me to keep track of the series I found over the years and as a way for others with the same interests to find new content. While I will review other works that I’ve read or watched, the main focus of this blog is on queer authors and characters, magical girls, and unique horror stories.

There are two types of posts: the first review post for anything is just an honest review, the second is an academic analysis of the piece. My undergrad honors thesis is currently titled “Sexuality, Agency, and the Femme Aesthetics of Mahou Shoujo” which hopefully explains itself. This blog functions as a handy way for me to keep track of things and to update information as I need to – reader comments are also encouraged!