I am currently a literature major and I plan to follow up my undergrad studies with a graduate degree in library science with a concentration in archives and preservation, as well as digital librarianship.

I have always loved books, but reading was something of a challenge for me. It was hard to hold my concentration on one small word at a time for long enough to finish a book, which lead to me learning to speed read and finish books in one day to get over the unpleasantness of the act of reading. The discovery of graphic novels, manga, and manhwa fundamentally changed how I viewed reading: I was able to enjoy it the way other book lovers always talked about. Visual literature changed the way and the why of my reading.

I started this blog as a way to introduce others to visual literature and other alternative forms of reading, so that others could learn to appreciate a new media form of familiar reading or learn to enjoy reading with an alternate format.

There are thousands of manga and hundreds of websites to read them, but only an aisle or two at any given bookstore: reviews are so important for books with little exposure, especially foreign novels and media forms that differ from the traditional English novel.

Sailor Librarian exists as a way to make reviews public and accessible to interested readers from every corner of the globe.