By Andrew Hussie While the internet fanbase has become something of legend, the series itself transcends this stigma. As a literature major and analysis nerd, this series interests me as an amalgamation of allusions, homages, mythological retellings, and an odd amount of psychoanalysis, all to be noticed casually or examined in detail. At over 8, 124 pages of content, including text, graphics, videos, and gameplay, … Continue reading Homestuck


By Niel Gaiman Gaiman is a familiar author from such popular titles as The Graveyard Book, Coraline, American Gods, and Good Omens. Gaiman kneaded in the horror, fantasy, and humor of his written works, rolled it in a crust of stars and baked it in a mythological oven for a millennia to produce The Sandman. The embodiment of Dreams is the protagonist, along with his sister Death and their … Continue reading Sandman

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

By Jhonen Vasquez Vasquez has produced such familiar works as Invader Zim and Stanley; outside of animation he also has several comic series. The longest series and probably his most known work is Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. The title is not a misnomer. It is about a homicidal maniac named Johnny – Nny for short – who murders his neighbors and various townspeople in increasingly … Continue reading Johnny the Homicidal Maniac