Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

By Susanna Clarke Weighing in at over 780 pages, Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is a hefty, plot dense book that will tide you over for days. Despite its remarkably few characters for such a long work, it manages to entertain and reason with the most patient readers. Following the traditions of a comedy of manners as well as a historical novel, the book uses … Continue reading Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

The Autograph Man

By Zadie Smith This book went beyond bittersweet; it felt intently personal and very human. Every dilemma and desperate search for answers is laid out clearly for the reader by the transparent protagonist, Alex-Li Tandem,┬áin such exquisite, yet simplistic detail. This book was very much a coming of age story about someone who was too scared to search too deeply into himself when he was … Continue reading The Autograph Man

Magical Girl of The End

By Sato Kentaro A high action, intensely plot driven zombie-apocalypse style manga that uses its genres for good. “Ecchi Horror Romance” is usually a sign of – what can most kindly be called – low brow gore porn; however, this series takes those assumptions and runs with them, all the way out of the park and into reality. The first chapter is rife with typical … Continue reading Magical Girl of The End

Mob Psycho 100

By ONE ONE, author of One Punch Man and Old Man of the Underworld, continues their writing career with another fantastic slice-of-life series: Mob Psycho 100. Much like their previous work, reality is minimized, injected with fantasy, and given a heavy dose of bittersweet acceptance. There is a melancholy feeling associated with ONE’s work that has much to do with their choice of protagonists and … Continue reading Mob Psycho 100